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List of Palm Tree Species in Alphabetical Order. Fruits are rounded to oval, and are about 5/16 inch long. Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b, 7-20 leaflets; if 14-23 leaflets > multifida, (3) ligules persistent; if only sometimes persistent > multifida, (4) stem to 2.5 cm diameter, if to 3 cm only humilis, R. multifida is regarded as the most attractive of the Rhapis, being very similar to R. excelsa except that it is usually more elegant in appearance. The botanical name of the Finger Palm is Rhapis multifida and comes from China This unique breed of palm is truly a … Jade Empress Palm Tree - Rhapis multifida (Finger Palm) The Finger Palm is one of the most beautiful and rarest palms in the world. It is recently become a new variety of palm which resembles the Lady Palm. Rhapis multifida. Fruits are rounded to oval, and are about 9 mm long. It does very well as an outdoor potted plant as well. Rhapis multifidais an excellent palm for the shadier and warmer areas of California though its cold hardiness is unfortunately not on par with the more common Rhapis species. (palmsnc.org), "This is the most delicate looking of the Rhapis with very slender pointed leaflets. Bismarckia nobilis, most of these were 25-30ft tall and several were green forms". This is the most delicate looking of all Rhapis and also makes an extraordinary house plant. All images copyright of the artists and photographers (see images for credits). Palms 47(2) 62-78. They have done a spectacular job with the landscaping using many, many unusual and odd plants. Leaf sheath fibers close together with coarse outer fibers partially obscuring finer inner ones, producing a diagonal-lined mesh, ligule often remaining intact at maturity; petiole to 4 mm wide, margin smooth; blade large, with conspicuous palman, segments 14, folds 30, the longest segments to 450 mm, narrow (1 or 2 folds), tapering, apices pointed with secondary splitting, primary splits to within 23–66 mm of the blade base, thick in texture. Rhapis is a genus of about 10 species of small palms native to southeastern Asia from southern Japan and southern China south to Sumatra. Rhapis multifida Common name: Finger Palm Native to: China Southern Mature height: 8 ft Mature spread: 8 ft Growth Habit: suckering Leaf type: palmate Special thanks to Palmweb.org, Dr. John Dransfield, Dr. Bill Baker & team, for their volumes of information and photos. Sunlight: filtered Photo by Sue, University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley, CA. A Revision of Rhapis, the Lady Palms. It is easy to grow and makes an excellent interior potted specimen. This is in the new 14 acre Pandora section. Lewis. 2008. As for this being the cheapest of the rhapis... only excelsa is sold at home depot and even then, it is often over 60$ for a generic clump. Homonyms Rhapis humilis Blume Common names Palmeira-ráfia in Portuguese Rapis in Portuguese liten buskpalm in Swedish niedere Steckenpalme in German rattan palm in English reed rhapis in English slender lady palm in … The stems of this plant are pencil-thin and nearly fiber-free and have a lot of visible green stem showing through. Of all the different cultivars, the most sought after is the plant with the thinnest leaflets(also the most susceptible to wind). Rhapis multifida is an excellent palm for the shadier and warmer areas of California though its cold hardiness is unfortunately not on par with the more common Rhapis species. This species cannot tolerate full sun well, particularly in arid climates. Native to southern China and has a cold hardiness of 28º F and will even tolerate light frost without damage. (RPS.com). It is a shorter palm, normally only about 4 or 5 feet tall. They have also added "fake" alien plants and the blend is seamless. A classic lady palm tree. Known for its ease of caring and its maximum height of 7 to 8 feet, the Lady Palm Tree is a great choice for an all-round greenery in any area of the home or office. (L. Hastings. Asmussen-Lange, W.J. CHINESE (中文): Tzung chu. Inflorescence is inter-foliar, enclosed in tubular bracts, that are many branched. Here you can find a comprehensive list of palms of the world. Typically there are about a dozen leaflets to each fan, but some actually have as much as tripled this amount. These are the palms of the Wholesale and retail palms, delivered to your door across the East Coast of Australia. Some consider this a form of Rhapis humilis and include it in the same species, despite there being females of this ‘form'." 棕竹. Leaves can also reach up to 24 inches across, but this is usually only in low light conditions. Photo by Geoff Stein, "This is the 'not normal' fused leaf form (so far have seen a maximum of 3 leaflets per leaf on this plant), southern California." Excelsa is the most commonly grown lady palm in south florida. This particular palm can be damaged by windy sites, and then it is among the ugliest in the genus. Canes are covered in fine light brown fibres that adhere closely to the trunks. Inflorescence is among the leaves and enclosed in tubular bracts, that are multiple branched. Some consider this a dwarf form of Rhapis humilis. This page was last modified 22:13, 8 July 2017 by. This is my favorite species of Rhapis and I have several growing about the yard. Rhapis multifida. Rhapis Palms will tolerate lower light and temperatures than many other palms, making it a good choice for the home or office. The Lady Palm is from the Southeast area of China and its botanical name is Rhapis excelsa. Family Name: Arecaceae (Palmae) Synonyms: Rhapis flabelliformis Common Names: Ground Rattan, Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm, Miniature Fan Palm, Fern Rhapis Height: 1.2 / 1.5 TO 2.0 METRES OVERALL HEIGHT Speed of growth: Medium : Height: About 6-8 feet. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. Hastings, L.2003. http://www.rhapisgardens.com/rhapis-palms/, http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/index.php5?title=Rhapis_multifida&oldid=160488, PALM SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (PSSC), CENTRAL FLORIDA PALM AND CYCAD SOCIETY (CFPCS). Click on the plant listing below to view the nursery information. The detail of this park is just incredible. Tree Site Conditions & Constraints. This is suitable for as a patio palm since it does not get too large. Queensland, Australia. Raphis mulitifida is a very nice indoor (or patio) plant. Sunset Zones 16 - 17 and 20 - 24; H1, H2. Rhapis Palm Plant CareHouseplants & Flowers. This page was last modified on 8 August 2015, at 20:22. Family : Arecaceae Genus : Rhapis Rhapis mulitifida is a clustering small size palm, native to Southern China. multifida, plant in fruit, California, wide leaf form, http://www.palmpedia.net/palmsforcal/index.php5?title=Rhapis_multifida&oldid=7321. Common Names: Acai Palm Euterpe oleracea: Adonidia Adonidia merrillii: African Bamboo Palm ... Fern Rhapis Rhapis flabelliformis: Fiji Fan Palm Pritchardia pacifica: Finger Palm Rhapis multifida: Fishtail Lawyer Cane Calamus caryotoides: Fishtail Palm Caryota sp. It is a slow growing, small, clump-forming palm native to southern China and Vietnam. Finger Palm. Female flowers 3–5 mm apart, to 4.5 × 3.0 mm; calyx to 2 mm, tomentose, lobes to 0.8 mm with pale edged irregular margin; corolla darkly pigmented, with a long receptacular-stalk to 2.5 mm; staminodes present. Though plants can grow up to 8 feet in nature, I have never seen any specimen that tall. A notable characteristic of this species is the relatively long receptacular-stalk of the fruit. Whitsunday's, Nth. Inflorescence, male not seen, female branching to 2 orders; prophyll similar in appearance to rachis bracts; rachis bracts 3 or 4, large, tubular, overlapping the base of the next rachis bract, relatively thick in texture, dark brown, lacking tomentum, sometimes also a distal incomplete rachis bract present; rachis greatly exceeding the bracts, overall length to 560 mm, broad 8–10 mm in diam., rachillae densely packed on the rachis, those of the second order held at right angles to those of the first order, relatively short and narrow, pale brown with pale rusty brown tomentum. Common names: The Jade Empress Palm Tree is also known as Jade Palm, Lady Finger Palm, Finger Palm, Finger Lady Palm. The specimens seen indicate that this is probably the largest and most robust species of Rhapis. Geoff Stein - Author & Editor. The crown is also less dense. The distinctive large number of segments which do not split close to the blade base produce a conspicuous palman. Rhapis Multifida. Rhapis multifida. Rhapis robusta, Guangxi Lady Palm. Rhapis leaves typically have less than 8 to 10 leaflets per leaf (compared to Rhapis humilis or multifida which usually have more than 10, or Rhapis laoensis which usually only has 2 or 3.) Rhapis humilis, Slender Lady Finger Palm. This is a good example of a Rhapis multifida in a tropical environment, found at the Hawaii Botanical Garden on the Big Island of Hawaii. Leaves are dark green and fairly thick textures, moderate in size up to 600 mm across, and divided into many narrow segments that are joined near the base. The leaves dark green and are an almost full circle palmate with long thin leaflets. Family Name: Arecaceae Common Name: Finger Palm. 2003)/Palmweb. Availability of this tree is limited, but worth the effort to get one or more for your surroundings and you will be rewarded with one of the most desired Rhapis varieties. This page has been accessed 20,458 times. Unusual wide leaf form. Photo-John Case. Rhapis multifida Jade Palm, Finger Palm . Rhapis excelsa, commonly known as lady palm or bamboo palm, is an evergreen fan palm that forms a dense clump of slender, upright, bamboo-like canes clad with palmate, deep green foliage consisting of deeply divided, fan-shaped leaves each of which divide into 5-8 finger-like, narrow-lanceolate segments. not recorded. Leu Gardens Botanist Eric S. Phonetic spelling of Latin names by edric. State. This is a particularly beautiful palm for both indoor and outdoor use with very dainty leaves and a nice height limitation. Many label this plant as a form of Rhapis humilis, but I don't think that's right... it is phenotypcially, at least, very different- smaller, thinner, slower and has different leaves. All the specimens seen with inflorescence were female; one was in flower and the others were in fruit. It is slightly shorter, and has wider, paler green leaves with more and narrower leaflets that droop a little. Water: medium Male flowers unavailable. Description: The Tree native to China, is similar to Rhapis Excelsa in most respects except that, overall, it is more refined in appearance. Photo by growin. It is similar to but shorten than Raphis Humili. Photo by Mohsen. Exposure Partial Shade to Full Shade. Leaf Type: Palmate with long, thin leaflets (segments) Suckering/Solitary: Suckering : Maintenance: Average, providing grown correctly. Palms Of The World. Cold Tolerance: 28º F. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. We have included their scientific name, the English common name and the temperature zone they are native to. FRENCH (Français): Palmier éventail à feuilles divisées, Rhapis à feuilles divisées. This is probably the best 'cheaper' Rhapis for smaller areas in warm gardens... there are lots of fancy excelsa cultivars out there.. but yikes, they are expensive." Photo by Geoff Stein, H.P. Frost tolerant. In addition to the Caryota obtusa (they planted over 200 of these) which I posted in a separate post, they planted some other nice palms and most aren't the common specimens found here. There are innumerable palm trees around the world which can be classified into different types depending on various factors, like the shape of their leaves, geographic location, climate tolerance, etc. Description: Rhapis multifida is probably the most elegant of all the commonly grown Rhapis palms with very delicate, thin, pointed … Baker, M.M. General Description. Stems recorded to 2.5 m tall, diam. Editing by edric. USDA Hardiness Zones 9 - 11. Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL. Common Names: Finger Palm ID: 2252 : Locality: China : Cold Hardiness: 28º F. Trunk Type: Suckering, thin trunk, woven fiber on the trunk, brown in color. Glossary of Palm Terms; Based on the glossary in Dransfield, J., N.W. Rhapis multifida Burret. 2003)/Palmweb. It is similar to but shorten than Raphis Humili.Raphis mulitifida is a very nice indoor (or patio) plant. (L. Hastings. It grows to about 2.0 metres tall with multiple stems to 10 mm in diameter. Leaf sheath fibers close together with coarse outer fibers partially obscuring finer inner ones, producing a diagonal-lined mesh, ligule often remaining intact at maturity; petiole to 4 mm wide, margin smooth; blade large, with conspicuous palman, segments 14, folds 30, the longest segments to 450 mm, narrow (1 or 2 folds), tapering, apices pointed with secondary splitting, primary splits to within 23–66 mm of the blade base, thick in texture. Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm. (Geoff Stein 2003), "Rhapis multifida is probably the most beautiful of all the commonly grown Rhapis palms and is somewhat of a miniaturized version of Rhapis humilis with numerous very slender, delicate pointed leaflets making up each leaf. Rhapis excelsa can be identified by its typical leaflets which end bluntly or raggedly, unlike most of the other common Rhapis that have pointed leaflets. (Andrew Street), We believe this is the ultimate Lady Palm. "Last week I got an early morning tour of the landscape at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Vernacular names [edit wikidata 'Rhapis multifida'] ... Rhapis multifida species of plant. With its fan leaves split into many very narrow segments and its slender canes, it has a much more elegant appearance than the common R. excelsa, yet it is just as cold tolerant, just as robust, and just as well suited to indoor conditions. They are fan palms (subfamily Coryphoideae), with the leaves with a bare petiole terminating in a rounded fan of numerous leaflets. Bloom: Comments: A more compact version of Rhapis humilis. So, be careful when you’re shopping for Rhapis humilis. Rhapis excelsa 'Variegata', Lady Palm - Variegated. It prefers a sheltered, wind free, shady position in constantly moist, well drained soil. Height: 2.0 TO 2.5 METRES OVERALL HEIGHT × Related Products; Customers Also Viewed; Quick view Choose Options. The branch-lets are covered in fine hairs. Rhapis Multifida . Also known as rhapis excelsa, these palms first came to prominence as a feature in Japanese palaces, only then spreading through to Europe and America in the 1770s and 1850s, respectively. A few leaves are often trimmed prior to shipping to reduce transpiration and travel stress. Uhl, C.B. (Palms & Cycads), Rhapis multifida is a relative newcomer to the palm collectors. Genera Palmarum - Evolution and Classification of the Palms. The growth rate of Clustering Finger Leaf Lady Palms will vary greatly depending on soil type, sunlight, temperature and other factors. Gothenburg, Sweden. Pronunciation: RAY-piss mull-TIFF-ih-duh. Common Name: Finger Palm. Gymea Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Photo by David Strand. Family: Arecaceae. Common Name: Finger Lady Palm Origin: China Height: 9’+ Light: Filtered Water: Keep soil moist. It is slightly shorter, and has wider, paler green leaves with more and narrower leaflets … Appearance: It has multiple gray slender trunks that are covered with light brown fibers. This plant does not tolerate drought and seems to need its roots wet all the time or it does not look good. Florida Silver Palm I’ve been told this is done because people know and remember the name “humilis” … Rhapis Multifida is a great indoor palm for cooler climates. Scientific name: Rhapis multifida. Outdoors, this palm from southern China does very well in MIAMI, FL. Some consider this the ultimate Lady palm due to the fan leaves with its numerous narrow segments and slender canes. It is also less cold-tolerant, having some leaf damage when temperatures fall to the mid-20s. Origin: It is native to China. Although twelve is cited in the literature it has been stated that this palm can have up to thirty six leaflets per leaf, but fifteen is the most I have counted.

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